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College Admissions Newsletter – February 26, 2014


College Admissions Newsletter – 

A Favorite from Danville to Darien 


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Summer Activities to Strengthen Your College Application

College admissions officers will tell you that a “productive summer” can enhance your opportunities for admission. Interesting and meaningful experiences are definitely among the best ways to stand out in the crowd.

Tips for Finding the Right Summer Program

Summer can be the perfect time to explore potential majors and career options; delve more deeply into current interests; develop your talents; gain valuable experiences that might appeal to college admission officers; expand your horizons; and improve important skills (e.g. reading, writing, math and study) that can help you on college entrance exams and throughout your life. 

ACT or SAT?: What’s a Student To Do?  Take the SAT/ACT Diagnostic

Curiously, too many students never take the college entrance exam (SAT or ACT) they’re likely to score better on.   College Admissions Newsletter – February 13, 2014

Applications Are In:  What Now? 

For most high school seniors, the college application season has ended and the focus has shifted to enjoying the final semester and waiting for admission decisions.  While it’s tempting to sit back and relax, here are some tips to improve your candidacy and reduce the high cost of college.

ACT Scores From February 8th Exam Are Now Available

For those who took the ACT on February 8th, scores became available on the ACT website starting on Monday, February 24th.  ACT Plus Writing scores for the writing section are expected to appear about two weeks later.  If you find that you are not satisfied with your scores, don’t panic.  There are additional testing opportunities (SAT and ACT) and numerous test-optional colleges.

What Google Looks For in Hiring College Grads — Not What You Think

More Colleges Seeking Alternative to Common Application

How Assets Hurt College Aid Eligibility on FAFSA and CSS Profile

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Barron’s 6 ACT Practice Tests


College Data  

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Impressive Candidate vs. Admitted Student 

Her story is not unusual — stellar grades, challenging course load, strong SAT scores and recommendations, assortment of activities and community service — applied to a dozen highly-selective institutions (“reach schools”) and was rejected across the board. Adding insult to injury, Bella was also turned down by some of the “likely schools” to which she applied.

16 Great College Research Websites and Resources

What do Unigo, College Prowler, CollegeXpress, YOUniversityTV and Big Future have in common?

College Planning for High School Juniors

During 11th grade, the college preparation process kicks into high gear.  In addition to building credentials, college-bound juniors should focus on preparing for entrance exams, exploring colleges and learning about student aid.


Testing Timer Watch Helps Students on ACT

One of the biggest challenges students face on college entrance exams is managing their time. Many students spend valuable test time checking the clock to figure out how much time is left and if they are on pace to finish.  Made specifically for the ACT, the Testing Timers ACT aTest Timer Watch contains preset timing for all 5 sections of the test: English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing…..

ILM Newsletter: May 31, 2012

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College Admissions Newsletter – December 12, 2013

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