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College Admissions Blogs: Behind the Scenes Advice & Information

The intense college search process has given rise to many online forums such as College Confidential in which college-bound students share advice and stories in order to increase their chances of admission to top-tier schools.

Some colleges and universities are attempting to increase transparency about the admissions process by publishing public college admissions blogs with casual posts on popular admissions-related topics. These colleges are bringing “behind-the-scenes” information to interested students and parents in blogs and message boards. These postings provide a revealing perspective on what goes on inside some admissions offices.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology runs its own blog to help students cut through the rankings, rating and stereotypes so they can decide for themselves if MIT is a good match. The MIT Admissions Blog is not only an excellent resource for exploring and discovering MIT, it happens to contain a plethora of great information about the admission process in general – which would be of interest to those applying to all competitive colleges.

Check out the InLikeMe Web Link — Admissions Blogs to connect to the MIT site and similar blogs offering interesting advice and information from Johns Hopkins University, University of Virginia, Providence College and other schools.

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