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MapQuest’s College Quest Helps Map Out and Plan College Visits

Information sessions and campus tours are important parts of the colleges admissions process.

Google Maps, MapQuest and other online resources can help you plan your journey.  For people who appreciate physical maps, this college search classic is for you!

CollegeQuest: The Right Place Guide to Colleges & Universities, a MapQuest product, provides maps of all the states and many of the colleges within them.

This atlas and guide is divided into eight sections:

  1. The Right Place: Explains the importance of finding a school that matches the geographic, social, and academic preferences of the student
  2. College Towns Large and Small
  3. What’s Your Style?:  School Segmentation — sporty, “artsty” and climate
  4. Trip Planning Atlas
  5. Directory of 1500+ four-year schools
  6. City/Town/Rural index
  7. Metro Area Index
  8. Road Map Index

The book is also an excellent resource for finding things to do nearby the various colleges campuses.

Safe and easy travels!

P.S.  Don’t forget to register in advance for campus tours and information sessions.

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