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Financial Assistance From the U.S. Military

U.S. Military Financial AidIf you are interested in military service, the U.S. armed forces may help you pay for your college education. The various branches of the armed forces offer government-sponsored financial aid programs.

Some programs allow you to attend college full-time and then serve following graduation. You may participate in a reserve (ROTC) or National Guard program during college.

The branches of the military also offer financial aid programs and college loan repayment programs for active duty service members.

The amount of aid and tuition assistance a student can receive depends on the type and duration of service.

The Students.Gov Portal on the Internet provides a detailed section about military funding for college including:

  • GI Bill

  • Money for College (US Navy)

  • Money for School (US Air Force Reserve)

  • Center for Women Veterans (US Dept of Veterans Affairs)

  • Education Center (US Army National Guard)

  • Access to Military Service and Pension Records

  • LifeLines Education Services (US Navy)

  • US Air Force Enlisted Education

  • US Army Education Benefits

  • Navy College Program (US Navy)

  • US Coast Guard Institute


  • DUSA Scholarships (Society of Daughters of the U.S. Army)

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