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Eight Tuition-Free Colleges

UC Irvine Law School
UC Irvine School of Law / UC Irvine

College affordability is on the minds of students and parents as they research higher education options. Those seeking a quality education without being burdened with large loans, are focused on scholarships, merit aid and financial assistance to help cover tuition, room & board, travel and other expenses. State universities are particularly attractive to local residents, as the cost of tuition for in-state students is frequently $20,000 per year less than for their out-of-state classmates. For excellent value, here are eight schools that offer tuition-free education.

Check out these tuition-free colleges, featured in a The Wall Street Journal and Mental Floss article:

  1. College of the Ozarks (Point Lookout, Missouri)
  2. UC Irvine School of Law (Class of 2012) (Irvine, California)
  3. Deep Springs College (California)
  4. Berea College (Berea, Kentucky)
  5. Olin College of Engineering (Needham, Massachusetts)
  6. Cooper Union (New York City)
  7. Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  8. Alice Lloyd College (Pippa Passes, Kentucky)

Read the full article from the Wall Street Journal.

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