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Common Application Rollover

Account Rollover is designed to help students become familiar with the Common Application and get a jump start on filling it out.

Students can create their Common Application account anytime during high school, and their account will roll over from year to year, using the same user name and password.

This means students can start exploring and working on portions of the Common App earlier than the summer before senior year.

Some information won’t roll over each year, but students can complete these sections after the application launches each year.

There are seven sections of the “Common App” tab: Profile, Family, Education, Testing, Activities, Writing, and Courses & Grades.  Most of the information in the first FIVE sections can be rolled over.  Selections in the Colleges tab will not rollover.

There are three key steps students need to do in order to roll over their Common App account each year:

Initiate. Sign in, using the same email address and password you used to create their account, and answer a few quick questions to initiate the rollover process. The rollover process may take a few minutes.

Following the rollover process, students are advised to explore the Dashboard, click on the Common App tab to continue working on their application. They may notice that some answers have not rolled over. Remember that some questions change from year to year, so responses to those questions will not rollover.

The Common App provides support to those with questions or needing help. Visit or email the Solutions Center team directly at

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