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Tips for Getting Into College: Advice from Recent Grads

Competition for admission to U.S. colleges and universities is at a record high and aspiring applicants are seeking sound advice and inspiration and help them step up to meet the challenge.  How I Got Into College: 6 Stories from the Wall Street Journal offers worthwhile tips for getting into college in profiles of college freshmen who spoke about what they wish they’d known when before they submitted their applications.

The story offers advice from several types of applicants: the long shot with an interesting hook, who was admitted to his dream school, despite being discouraged by his college counselor; the strong candidate who didn’t get accepted to the reach schools and and didn’t have a suitable back-up; the aspiring Ivy League applicant who didn’t properly proofread the application and was rejected.

Advice: Have a backup plan, don’t get scared off by long odds and remember to carefully proofread.

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