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Testing Timer Watch Helps Students on ACT

One of the biggest challenges students face on college entrance exams is managing their time. Many students spend valuable test time checking the clock to figure out how much time is left and if they are on pace to finish.

Made specifically for the ACT, the Testing Timers ACT aTest Timer Watch contains preset timing for all 5 sections of the test: English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing.

Designed for alternate use as a regular watch, the Testing Timers ACT aTest Timer Watch  is programmed to help students pace themselves when they prep for, and take, the ACT entrance exam.  The watch helps keep students on pace to complete each section. That is particularly important on the ACT. Because there is no penalty for a wrong answer, students should try to answer every question.

The watch is programmed for each section of the ACT. The ACT math test is set for 60 minutes and 60 questions; the English section is programmed for 45 minutes and 75 questions.

The ACT Testing Timer watch is available at Amazon: Testing Timers ACT aTest Timer Watch

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