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Stay Organized When Applying To College

Say you decide to apply to fifteen schools. That’s a lot of application forms, passwords, brochures, deadlines, etc. Don’t worry – if you have a system to stay organized you can focus your time and energy on what’s important –applying to college and getting admitted!

If you haven’t done so already, purchase a file box (plastic or cardboard) and accordion style folders as well as a loose leaf binder and pocket dividers. Make a section and folder for each school. Make additional folders or dividers for key areas such as ACT or College Boards. Then organize your information.

Google Notebook is an excellent FREE tool for organizing your on-line information. You can create a folder for each college and key area to organize your web pages, links, bookmarks and notes. Then clip and collect information as you surf the web and refer back to it later.

There are a number of great tools to keep you organized during the application process. They’ll help you track all kinds of important information (e.g. the date you sent SAT scores; did you send a thank you note to an alumni interviewer?)

Check out these helpful free “stay-organized” resources from The College Board:



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