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Preparing for the SAT and ACT

While many students take formal prep classes and private tutoring, motivated students can often accomplish as much with diligent self-study. The College Board (SAT) and the ACT have compiled sample exams in their study guides that are an excellent resource for any entrance exam preparation effort.  Khan Academy (the College Board’s partner for SAT prep) and  ACT Academy can be enormously helpful.

If you took the PSAT, your score report contains useful information about specific areas where you should focus extra attention as well as access to a customized SAT study plan through Khan Academy.

There are many FREE programs and resources to use while  preparing for the SAT and ACT including:

  • Khan Academy

  • ACT Academy

  • Erik Jacobson Tutor –

  • Applerouth Test Prep – Free Resources —

  • The Princeton Review — Test prep company offers some free study materials and strategy sessions.

  • Kaplan — Test prep company provides some free SAT and ACT prep materials including access to free “Quiz Bank”, “Practice Tests” and “Practice Questions”

  • Magoosh

  • — Free test prep materials provided by Admissions Consultants Inc.

  • InLikeMe provides links to many of these sites.  Check out InLikeMe Web Links — Category:  SAT / ACT Preparation.

For many students, test preparation books are an integral part of their study program. Books developed by the test providers (SAT and ACT) are especially popular.


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