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Leadership-Essay-Sam I Am

Do you like green eggs and ham? As delicious as bright green eggs with a slab of meet sounds, it has proven to be a significant life lesson to me. Dr. Seuss’s silly rhymes and unique characters are not the only reasons I love his books. As a child, my favorite book made me giggle; as a high school student, my favorite book taught me to take the plunge with determination and to make wise decisions. Although nervous for what the world is going to throw at me, I know that when I take chances and try new things, I can handle anything.


The unnamed character in the book had to make the decision to eat the strange meal, which just like in life, we have to make difficult decisions. Cereal is a normal breakfast delight, unlike green eggs and ham; but the way I eat my cereal is just about as abnormal as Dr. Seuss creative feast. I made the decision to always add milk first, then cereal. My family always tells me I’m backwards; however, my thought process and out of the box thinking allows me to see things, such as cereal, in a new light. If you pour milk after cereal, the cereal will get soggy! This decision is different, and it works in my favor. It took until the end of the book for the unnamed character to try the meal. Just like me, I take my time to make the right decisions. When making binding decisions, I feel tied down. In the end, I know that every decision I make, good or bad, I will learn from it and grow a better person.


Besides having similarities to the unnamed character who eventually tries the abnormal meal in Dr. Seuss’s book, in addition, I am very much like the character Sam-I-Am. Throughout the story, Sam is persistent until he gets the job done. As a member of student council, I always take on the leadership role in making sure every task is completed to its full potential. Organizing student council members to plan prom, tutor kids, fundraise for charities, and much more isn’t easy. I learned that my qualities have the ability to make an influence on others, and with determination I can deeply affect the outcome of many circumstances.


While “Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?”” may be a goofy children’s book to many, it reflects my life. I am open to trying new things like the unnamed character, as well as having determination like Sam-I-Am. Throughout my experience with student council, I have learned how my favorite childhood book has influenced my life. Furthermore, I realized I am not meant to stand in the background and watch the world. I will be the go-getter, the one who makes a statement, and the one that soaks in every opportunity that comes by. Just as the wise Dr. Seuss stated,”I do so like green eggs and ham! Thank you! Thank you! Sam-I-Am!”

Student Essay: Published with Permission
Author: M.C. 2039

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