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Bright Future Scholarship Program

The Bright Futures Scholarship Program rewards Florida high school graduates for academic achievement. The program is based on merit, NOT financial need.

Keep in mind that the Florida Legislature votes on the Bright Futures Program annually, so Minimum Eligibility Requirements can change.

All Florida seniors who meet the requirements should complete the Florida Financial Aid Application no later than the deadline (typically August 31) in order to qualify.

Who Should Apply?
All qualified students should apply EVEN those NOT planning to attend a Florida college. Qualified students who plan to matriculate out-of-state should apply in case they happen to transfer to a Florida college.

Eligible students, who have applied by the deadline, typically have up to two years after they graduate from high school to begin using the scholarship. A Florida Academic Scholar (FAS) or Florida Medallion Scholar (FMS) may receive funding for up to five years from high school graduation. The Bright Futures Scholarship aid is available for almost all undergraduate schools in the state of Florida.

Detailed Information on the Bright Futures Program

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