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We know first-hand that college-bound students (and their parents) rely on you for helpful information and advice. We also know from personal experience that most counselors are always on the look-out for quality resources. We are glad you are checking out InLikeMe. We hope this site, and its many resources, will be helpful to you and your students.

It is no surprise to you that record numbers of students are applying to U.S colleges and universities from all over the world, and admissions has become increasingly competitive.   At the same time many school counselors are spread incredibly thin and sometimes don’t have the bandwidth to provide high school students and their parents with the all the personalized guidance and assistance they desire.

Like most educators, I believe that every student should have the opportunity to pursue the higher education that is right for them. Realistically, many people don’t have the information and savvy to figure out how to do this.

InLikeMe was designed to help. Sharing my passion for education, along with the knowledge and insight I have developed as a college consultant, alumni admissions interviewer for MIT, and information geek, I created InLikeMe to share my best thinking and the resources I have uncovered with motivated people who seek tools and information to help themselves.   It’s a pleasure seeing InLikeMe users from around the U.S.A. and Canada along with places such as England, Australia, Switzerland, China, India, Brazil and South Africa.

I founded InLikeMe to overcome frustration with the fragmented nature of the college planning and application process. There are numerous resources, advisory services and commercial web sites with varying levels of quality and relevance.   But, until InLikeMe was launched in 2008 none tied it all together in one practical, easy-to-use site.

To pull all the pieces together, I continue to scour the web for resources, read countless books and other publications, participate in admissions advisory programs as a member of IECA and HECA, and visit colleges and universities on a regular basis. In fact, InLikeMe is a big help for my own college consulting practice – Admission By Design.

The result, I hope you will agree, is a user-friendly site, organized around the common-sense steps that a teenager or his/her parents would find comfortable, accessible and helpful.   Select one of the tabs and you’ll find numerous pages of useful information. Check out the Resources Section (Web Links ) to access many excellent Internet resources for college-bound students.

The college application process is rife with confusion, anxiety and misinformation. This extends from evaluating colleges, to finding financial aid, to thinking about where a student would find a strong “fit”.  InLikeMe can be invaluable in helping to sort through these impediments, managing all the information, constructing action plans for each year of high school, and in thinking about how a college candidate can position him or herself to get all that they can out of the college experience.

InLikeMe is a community site and is continuously seeking opportunities to improve and expand the website and information base. I welcome and appreciate your input and advice! Please use the convenient contact form to share your thoughts, corrections and web link suggestions with me.

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P.P.S.  It is my pleasure to speak at South Florida high schools as a community service.   Please use the InLikeMe contact form to inquire about “College Night” presentations and topics.