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College Admissions Newsletter – January 31, 2014


College Admissions Newsletter – 

A Favorite from Ashcroft to Amityville 


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Making the Most of the College Fair

At college fairs, admission reps answer questions, distribute brochures and collect names and contact information of prospective applicants. The NACAC College Fair Schedule is now available.  Fairs are held throughout the USA including: Miami (February 9th), Dallas (February 10th), New York City (April 6) and Atlanta (March 16). Check out the Spring and Fall schedules to find a fair near you!

16 Great College Research Websites and Resources

What do Unigo, College Prowler, CollegeXpress, YOUniversityTV and Big Future have in common?

Why Are American Colleges Obsessed With ‘Leadership’?

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Advice for the College Interview

A college interview is an ideal time to show that you are more than just paper credentials, essays and recommendations.

Testing Timer Watch Helps Students on ACT

One of the biggest challenges students face on college entrance exams is managing their time. Many students spend valuable test time checking the clock to figure out how much time is left and if they are on pace to finish.  Made specifically for the ACT, the Testing Timers ACT aTest Timer Watch contains preset timing for all 5 sections of the test: English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing…..


Barron’s 6 ACT Practice Tests



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How to Handle a College Admissions Deferral

Some students who are deferred consider themselves rejected.  Until a few years ago, relatively few students were denied admission during the early round.  These days a deferral should be considered a definite maybe.  Here’s what you can do to….

College Planning for High School Juniors

During 11th grade, the college preparation process kicks into high gear.  In addition to building credentials, college-bound juniors should focus on preparing for entrance exams, exploring colleges and learning about student aid.

What Do You Need for Admission to Florida SUS Schools?

Each year, the Florida State University System (SUS) publishes a matrix with helpful admissions-related information pertaining to the various Florida SUS schools. Matrix information for each school includes Mid-Range SAT & ACT Scores and Recalculated GPA for recently admitted students.  While many of the popular Florida SUS schools also consider application essays, activities and other factors, the objective information provided in the matrix can help you assess your competitiveness for admission.  


ACT or SAT?: Choosing the Right Exam For You  This Princeton Review book can help you decide based on an assessment of  your strengths, weaknesses and personal test-taking skills.

7 Ways to Increase Your ACT Score

Since the ACT is a curriculum-based test, many students are able to significantly improve their scores with practice and familiarity with the exam.  These resources can help:

ILM Newsletter: May 31, 2012

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College Admissions Newsletter – December 12, 2013

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