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College Admissions Newsletter – December 17, 2014




College Admissions Newsletter – 

Admission By Design Founder and InLikeMe Publisher

Lynn Radlauer Lubell

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– EA and ED Admission Stats

– Best, Brightest & Rejected

– 9 Ways to Show Your Interest to Colleges

– The Story Behind the SAT Overhaul


Dates and Deadlines

Dec 6  – SAT

Scores*: 12/23/2014

Dec 13  – ACT

Scores*: 12/29/2014

Jan 24 – SAT

 Reg Deadline: 12/29

Late Registration: 1/13

Scores*: 2/12/2015

Feb 7 – ACT

 Reg Deadline: 1/9

Late Registration: 1/16

Scores*: 2/23/2015

March 14 – SAT

 Reg Deadline: 2/13

Late Registration: 3/3

Scores*: 4/2/2015

April 18 – ACT

 Reg Deadline: 3/13

Late Registration: 3/27

Scores*: 5/4/2015

* Estimated Score Availability (Web)

College Admissions Newsletter – December 17, 2014

SAT Optional Colleges

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December 17, 2014 Edition 


Holiday Gift Ideas for College-Bound Students and Their Parents

The ACT Pacing Watch by Testing Timers is a wonderful holiday gift for high school juniors and sophomores.  With uncertainty about the revised SAT, more students are preparing for the highly-predictable ACT.   College Planning Guides make excellent gifts for parents and students.  You’ll find many gift ideas…..

How to Handle a College Admissions Deferral

Keeping in mind that the college’s admission team was sufficiently impressed with your credentials and application to want to review your application a second time, there are steps you can take to ……

17 Point Checklist Before Sumbitting Your College Application

Before you click “SUBMIT”, consider the following checklist and take the time to review your college application very carefully. It is easy to overlook avoidable errors when submitting your college application in a rush.

As an educational consultant, I have caught numerous mistakes in college applications that were sent to me for “final review”. The advice and check list below can help you identify and correct potentially damaging mistakes.

7 Ways to Increase Your ACT Score 

Since the ACT is a curriculum-based test, many students are able to significantly improve their scores with practice, improved pacing, proven test-taking strategies and familiarity with the exam. These resources can help:

Advice for Acing the College Interview

A college interview is an ideal time to show that you are more than just paper credentials, essays and recommendations. During this in-person information exchange, the college learns about you and you can learn about the college. It’s the perfect time to highlight your personality and assets as well as to bring up any relevant issues that you don’t have the opportunity to communicate in the application.

Tips for Finding the Right Summer Program

Summer can be the perfect time to explore potential majors and career options; delve more deeply into current interests; develop your talents; gain valuable experiences that might appeal to college admission officers; expand your horizons; and improve important skills (e.g. reading, writing, math and study) that can help you on college entrance exams and throughout your life. 


Guide to a Successful Campus Visit

After narrowing your list of schools, reviewing brochures, information on the web and taking virtual tours, try to personally visit some of the schools on your list.

Steps to Schedule a Productive College Tour 

These best practice tips will help you a great deal when you visit colleges.

61 Questions for Your College Campus Visit

Answers to some of the questions below will not only give you a better sense for the college, but will help you decide whether or not it’s a good fit for you. 

16 Great College Research Websites and Resources

What do Unigo, College Prowler, CollegeXpress, YOUniversityTV and Big Future have in common?


Testing Timer Watch Helps Students on ACT

One of the biggest challenges students face on college entrance exams is managing their time. Many students spend valuable test time checking the clock to figure out how much time is left and if they are on pace to finish.  Made specifically for the ACT, the ACT Pacing Watch by Testing Timers contains preset timing for all 5 sections of the test: English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing…..

New SAT?: What You Need to Know

The College Board announced a major overhaul to its SAT exam starting in Spring 2016. Members of the Class of 2017 will be the first students to take the new SAT.  Here’s what you need to know:

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