Students throughout the country, and around the world, are applying to U.S. colleges and universities in record numbers, fueling intense competition for admission.

At the same time many school counselors are spread too thin to provide high school students and their parents with the personalized guidance and assistance they need.

The mission of is to help students and parents navigate the road to affordable, high-quality, post-secondary education. To accomplish this, provides information, strategies and resources on a wide range of college-bound areas including: curriculum, entrance exams, finding the right schools, summer programs, community service, enrichment, student aid, scholarships, developing your “hook”, athletes, international students, and more.

InLikeMe offers answers to lots of questions along with great information and advice from college insiders, professional counselors and successful applicants.

If you are a high school junior, sophomore or freshman ready to get a jump start on planning for college — kudos to you. An early start will give you some extra time to define your goals, size up your interests, strengths and weaknesses, and make yourself attractive to college admission officers.

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